‘Circular Passage vol.2′ Jean-Michel Serres

This month Random Recordings is celebrating the signing with our distributor: Symphonic Distribution. The date will be celebrated with some special releases starting by this one. Here’s the second volume from our 1st release named “Circular Passage Ep”, but, for the second volume, the alias used by Naoki Yamaguchi is Jean-Michel Serres, a more intimate sounding project. Naoki keeps on traveling between the emotional and the abstract universes, taking the listener into the depths of true Dub-Techno. A must. More news very, very soon. Enjoy. Distributed By Symphonic Distribution

‘Randamize 2′ by Random Recordings RR045

My tracks ‘Riot’ Naoki Yamaguchi and ‘SkepticismDJ Toxic-R8 (‘mash & smash’ remix)’ Cosmic Soul have been contained in a compilation ‘Randomize 2′ by Random Recordings.

Random Recordings is celebrating the second year of the contract that links the label to it’s distributor: Symphonic Distribution. We at RR are happy to bring you a 12 track album made just with original tracks. So, inside this release you will have the chance to listen to some of our longtime partners such as qpdb, DJ Von, Santonio Echols, MarkJ, Naoki Yamaguchi, Substak, Ross McLean, Nick Robson and also a track from our latest “acquisition” Zobol. The listeners will also find 2 tracks by RR’s “head-honcho” Toxic-R8 who brings a remix of “Skepticism” from Cosmic Soul and an original track that was made in the early nineties just using 2 TB303, a TR808 and a modular RSF Kobol synthesizer, giving that psychotic analog feeling to the track and linking Toxic-R8 to his early influences such as DJ ESP, Freddy Fresh, Adam-X just to name a few. Keep on rocking dudes and stay tuned for more Random Recordings action very soon! Distributed By Symphonic Distribution

‘Back 2 Basic Mix’ by DJ Toxic-R8

Tracks taken from Random Recordings 028, 031, 035 and 037. Compiled and mixed by Dj Toxic-R8 at the “Cave” for Random Riot Productions (2014).

Track list: